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All property will be appraised at the appropriate level to ensure uniformity of assessment and consistency with those rules.

Tax Assessment

There shall be a tax assessor, who shall be appointed by the town administrator and shall have those powers and perform those duties prescribed now or in the future by the Constitution and laws of the state not inconsistent with this Charter, and such additional powers and duties as may be assigned to him by the town administrator or town council. He shall have charge of such personnel as may be provided by the town council to assist him in the discharge of the powers and duties of his office. Amended, December 6, These records are vital to individuals seeking financing or purchasing and selling properties, and professionals doing title, legal and engineering work.

How To Evict A Tenant In Rhode Island

Each record is also microfilmed and stored off-premise for safe keeping, as required by law, at a storage facility specifically for the protection and storage of such records should there be a catastrophic event at the Town Hall facility. While we are transitioning we are offering non-watermark images on a temporary basis. More Information Free Public Access No login or password is necessary when accessing the Town of South Kingstown Clerk's internet Access site, simply click on the type of inquiry you would like to perform.

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Images Documents Images can be viewed, but cannot be printed or copied. In order to print documents, please see the printing section. Include the book and page reference, including the recording date of the record you are looking for and the number of pages in the record you are requesting, together with a check payable to the Town of South Kingstown.

Do not forget to include your return address. Non-Certified Copies by Facsimile No copies of anything are sent by facsimile. Kenya is looking forward to starting a new position at the State in April of this year.

Land Records

Kenya now has her sights set on homeownership and is working to buy her own home one day. When she first received her voucher, she had no income at all but worked through the program to increase her income and save for a new car and eventually a home of her own.

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She is now a proud homeowner who credits the PHA programs for supporting her as she worked towards her goals.