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Army Engineer Research and Development Center. Nicole Potter has always been interested in librarianship and information studies, in fact, her first job was in a library when she was sixteen years old. She received her BA at St. Mellon Foundation. I am currently focusing on the documentation of alumni and student Laster has extensive prior experience as a government information librarian. Fitch County Archive. She manages the NEHGS Digital Collections website, and is responsible for digitizing manuscripts, and arranging and describing born-digital archives.

She has an M.

Police Link Recent Arrests To Several Burglary Cases

When she started in , she built the entire music library from scratch. Her passion is working with students from the Conservatory of Music. Tyler Cline is the digital archivist at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he is responsible for born-digital manuscripts and University records. Previously, Tyler was the digital archivist at the American Heritage Center. Adriana M. Autumn M. In this role, she is responsible for coordinating instruction, outreach, and reference for Special Collections at the Zach S. Henderson Library. In addition, she serves as the In , she received her PhD in Film History.

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Although historical empathy is written about frequently in educational literature, it is not addressed in archival journals. The integration of "historical empathy" into archival pedagogy is rich with opportunities. Three archivists discuss their successful collaborations with educators to develop archival projects that incorporate empathy development in a wide range of academic settings. Julia Corrin is the university archivist at Carnegie Mellon University.

Union City Public Library

She has previously worked as a Records Manager and as a Metadata Librarian. Rachel Jirka has served as the college archivist at Amherst College since Jan. She has ten years experience in the field. Rachel received her masters in library science from Simmons College.

He also holds master's degrees in English and in Film. They highlight the challenges of preservation and community archival work, share experiences and observations about new archival initiatives, and discuss the learning curve for everyone involved in the effort to preserve community histories. Steven G. Fullwood Nomadic Archivist Project. Fullwood is an archivist and documentarian. Fullwood is the co-founder of The Nomadic Archivists Project, an initiative that partners with organizations to establish, preserve and enhance that explore the African Diasporic experience.

This session is structured as an open dialogue to discuss concerns surrounding tragedy-preparedness and provides a venue for attendees to learn from experienced peers who have confronted the challenges of documenting tragedy. Kara M. Her dissertation focuses on memorial projects in the wake of mass shootings. Broadaway is the collections manager at the Orange County Regional History Center where she helped create the One Orlando collection after the shooting. By connecting with marginalized, underserved, or under-resourced communities and aiming programs and services beyond academic or institutional researchers, they examine how such initiatives can have lasting impacts on new audiences that can "see themselves" in these collections and benefit from the services that archivists provide.

Prior to working at the Labor Archives, Powell was a program officer at the CS Fund, overseeing civil liberties and global justice grant portfolios. Ben has over eighteen years of experience as an archivist in a wide range of Jones is also an Adjunct Professor of Archival Administration. Before joining Stevens in , she supervised the creation of the Brooklyn Visual Heritage project.

Names of 9/11 victims from NJ: A - L

They decided who deserved to be the subject of a record and who was relegated to an object. In recent decades several archives have pushed back against this, collecting records created by, and about, those on the margins of various power structures. In this session, we explore how social theories can be used to question routine methodologies of archival appraisal and processing. By challenging normative methodologies like original order and MPLP, archivists can recontextualize and "demythologize" their practices and the contents of their collections—resisting normative narratives of history and critically engaging with social minorities that previously have been erased from the record.

Prior to UW-Madison, she studied U. History with a focus on university social movements and worked within the UW-Parkside Archives Megan is a current archival graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her interests are in the intersection of social justice and archival processes, particularly regarding the historical erasure of gender and sexual minorities.

In addition, they discuss how these processes are evolving with specific examples related to controversial or significant records schedules. Eric Emerson, Ph. Currently External Affairs Liaison for NARA, Meg has been an archivist and records manager throughout her career, in academic, nonprofit, and finally Federal government archives. Government Information Watch Director Author of? Who Needs to Know? Secrets and Lies??

Complete Victims List

Cushing Memorial Library and Archives plays an important role in changing campus culture, advocating for diverse and inclusive collections, teaching, and programming. Through our work, we challenge traditional positions of privilege and power. Francesca Marini.

She is also the Coordinator of the Libraries Diversity Residency program. He serves on the SAA?

I have six years experience as a reference staff member in the reading room at Cushing Memorial Library and archives. I am also a certified archivist who works with patron research, outreach, and dabbles in processing archival collections. Leslie J. She has a MA in Art History, and a background in studio art. Solutions for Enhancing Discovery on the Web Interested in linked data but don't know where to start? The panelists attempt to demystify linked data by exploring simple, implementable ways to begin creating and consuming linked data to enhance discovery of archival resources.

Discussion topics include ArchivesSpace, Wikidata, and Schema. This conversation will give participants the clarity, courage, and practical tips needed to jump in and get engaged with the semantic web. Primarily focused on preservation, discovery, and access to digitized and born digital assets from special collections, Elizabeth works on a variety of technology projects Link Network. Some archives with limited resources experience frequent leadership turnover. Others lose decades of institutional knowledge when long-serving archivists retire.

Lone arrangers discuss how to maintain operations, articulate priorities and processes, and sustain relationships with supporters when there is little or no staff continuity, and share strategies for preparing the next leader for success or taking over under difficult circumstances. Anna J. Facilitators Anna J. She enjoys the challenge of wearing many hats as a lone arranger archivist. Dean holds an M. History and an M. S degree. He is in his 38th year as archivist. He joined USD in January, as a project archivist for political papers.

He has served as head of the department since August, She holds a M. She is a Lone Arranger. From to , she was the first professional archivist Peter H. My family came to Northfield Mount Hermon when I was 2: so began my archival training. There, I earned a diploma, then a BA at St.

I've been Archivist since Gracy, who continues to mentor archivists at UTA and to present at conferences, will provide his insights on developments in the archives profession throughout his decades of service and share his thoughts on the future of archival programs. David B. Three archivists draw on their experiences as black women working in various institutions to define trauma in archives and offer strategies to manage archival work related to trauma. Facilitators Raquel A. An advocate for equity and access, she maintains a deep commitment to capturing historical narratives of communities of color and engages Hip Hop as a method of archival praxis.

Tracy Drake is an archivist at the Chicago Public Library. SS Skyla S. Skyla S. Skyla champions the unsung cultural and societal contributors from African American communities and other groups not of the hegemony.

Criminal and Civil Enforcement

This session explores issues related to working with a disability or managing employees who may require accommodations due to disability. Lightning talk presentations are followed by small group conversations, creating a forum for speakers and attendees to discuss professional development, accommodations, disclosure, and other issues. Participants should leave feeling empowered to tackle tough conversations and to advocate for themselves and coworkers.