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Join us now and we will keep you exclusively up to date with news, competitions, and special offers: www. Upgrades to the barn are very affordable too.

I have not seen many yet. Not a very interesting festival, but an easy way to increase love points. Marriage in this game takes time, but looks fairly easy. I get by with daily conversations, and a gift every now and then. These are my impressions of the candidates:. Mana: Mana is cute, but she is more interested in making money than in you.

She loses her charm rather quickly.

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Alicia: Alicia is pretty hot in my opinion, but she can be rather mean and deceiving. Dorothy: I find her cuter than I thought I would. She is very kind, warm, loving, sweet, and gentle. Spoiled, mean, and hard to get along with.

Aaron and Aria

I was very surprised that Rosalind is actually very kind and gentle. She is a big eater, just like Jasper from Rune factory. Actually, just about everyone from the Saint-Coquille family are big eaters, Bianca being the only exception. Julia: I thought she would be goofy and airheaded.

But Julia is just a plain normal person Probably the only normal person in this game. She does find Kyle attractive early in the game. Not nearly as good as Rune Factory so far.

Rune Factory 2 - Wikipedia

This game focuses more on getting along with the other villagers that fighting monsters. So far, I have not encountered any bosses. There are four fields that you can encounter monsters. Unlike Rune Factory, there are no conditions to enter any field. However, much of the maps are blocked off by fences or statues. As far as how to remove them, I have no clue.

Factory gates to open in Europe on October 8th.

Magic has greatly improved. In Rune Factory, magic was more or less useless. The only exception is the healing spells which recovered HP. Now the spells do more damage, and there is a weapon that raises magic attack. This makes the magic system much more useful, and you can decide to become a magic user over a swordsman.

You do get to do a lot of sub quests, but I was expecting to do a bit more monster bashing, and less socializing. The only thing you can really do in the first Generation story is to get married, and have a kid. After you start the RF2 second generation, your wife from the first generation is still the same. I was mistaken about farming. The plants do not die if you neglect them, I just planted the wrong seeds in the wrong season. I was also mistaken about tools.

You can charge the tools up to level 3 from the begining of the game. The levels only lower the stamina consumed when using tools. The only thing you can use the wood for in the first generation is to build a barn for animals, and build the school after your child is born. No other upgrades are possible in the first generation. Pretty boring festivals. All contests are easy to win, dating festivals are not that reat, and the only other festivals are completely pointless.

The good thing is that you can abuse the festivals to gain some LP towards the girl you like at an incredible pace. Each girl needs a specific item to marry them. Usually, you can get this item during the 8,9 or, 10 heart reuest in the bulletin boards. Some of them are extremely easy to get, some of them require some fighting. You can get married as early as Late Spring to Early Summer. After marriage, the girl will then live with you, and will give birth to your son or daughter in only 2 weeks after marriage.

You require no gift giving or anything like that. You rarely need to do this at all. Some events require you to fight monstwers, but everything goes down in only a couple of hits, especially if you have magic. In the first generation, you cannot learn any other spell or carry any other equipment other than the first ones you get. Kyle regains his memory, and he goes off to do what he is supposed to do.

He then leaves you to care for your mother. You get worried, andyou set on an adventure to find him. As you may already know, you can play as either the boy or girl now.

Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon (NDS)(New)

You can change the default name if you wish. You meet a total of five new characters in the second Generation. Orland, Leonel, Leann, Sera, and Selena. Along with Roy and Cammy, they are your new bachelors and bachelorettes. You no longer have the benefits that Kyle had in farming.

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You cannot charge to level 3 without upgrading your tools. But since the new generation happened during winter, the grass died anyway.


Because I no longer have the watering can charge, growing grass is much more difficult, and keeping the monsters fed becomes an exhausting chore. But if you have too many animals, prepare to grind. You can add a workshop, dojo, and a library to the school. You may now upgrade your barn to hold more monsters.

Rune Factory Frontier! Episode #7 - You Call This Organized?!

Even with improved equipment, you are much weaker than your father. I have already encountered the first boss, and he PWNS!!! However, monsters killed by your monsters do not grant you exp. You will have to train on your own. I have figured out how to get past the fences and statues. Since you are a kid, you can pass through the fences with no problem. Kyle cannot pass through because he was too big. The statues need to be fed some vegetable in order to move them.