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Discover Each collection features a unique aspect of Michigan's history. Death Records, Documents , Family History. How might I use the information in this collection? Date of record If married, age at first marriage Parent of how many children How many children are living Birthplace state or country if not born in Michigan Full names of both parents Birthplaces of both parents Proposed place and time of burial Signature and address of reporter certifying above facts Signature and address of undertaker.

How do I find things in this collection? Recent Look Blogs SeekingMichigan. All rights reserved. I click on document and it says it is loading contents, but it never does. I never had trouble with the other collection. I am looking for a death record from and have been unable to locate it on Ancestry or Familysearch.

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Is there a place that death records from would be available? Or can I order one to be sent to me. Thank you for your help. Images of death registries are available online at FamilySearch.


Death certificates from through are not available to view yet. When these records become 75 years, the Archives has permission to display them. This is such a wonderful site….. I use it all the time.

I am looking for death certificates but they seem to be missing from your new collection. When will they become available?

Vital Records Division

Hello, Great site, i love it! Thank you! Is there anyway possible for this issue to be fixed? I will absolutely look into this when the death records fully migrate onto Michiganology. Name required.

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Email required. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Death Records, Documents , Family History , Primary Sources. Documents , Primary Sources. State Census, Search Digital Archive:. Advanced Search. Find results with: error div. Add another field. Search by date. Searching collections:. Mar 17 TommyV July 17, at pm Thank You. Jill Arnold, Archives of Michigan September 12, at pm Gaps in the new collections of death records have been updated and are now available.

Jill Arnold, Archives of Michigan September 12, at pm This death certificate is available on Seeking Michigan by searching her given name, last name, and death year.

Michigan Vital Records - Rootsweb

Jill Arnold, Archives of Michigan September 12, at pm This is a function we are working to recreate. Jill Arnold, Archives of Michigan September 12, at pm Alger county was part of the 12, that has been newly uploaded. Jill Arnold, Archives of Michigan September 12, at pm We have recently updated the death records collection so please try back for this record. Jill Arnold, Archives of Michigan September 12, at pm We are working on resolving this issue.

Cynthia Peterson September 12, at pm I love your site! Barbara B September 19, at am This website has helped so much in my search for more information on my family.

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You have made searching Michigan records so easy — Thanks! Karen T December 2, at am When will the site update to get death certificates past ? They are the managing state agency for vital records such as a death record. Below is their phone number for your convenience. Are there any death records for Michigan from before ? Thank you for your time. Ginny, our Michigan death records only go back about 50 years. Search the Michigan State Archives Website 2. Contact the Michigan Vital Records Department 3. Research via Ancestry Websites 4. Lookup Old Newspaper Obituaries.

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