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For information on Titanic passenger records see the New York section at What Passenger Lists are Online? For more on Titanic survivors see the Titanic category on the right side. Labels: Titanic. The FamilySearch Labs website has recently added death indexes some with digitized images for four Southern states. This article was updated on 22 December Here are some suggestions for finding your immigrant ancestors on a ship passenger list or manifest for their arrival in the United States from to the s s for some ports.

Search Tips Clues in the Census : the , , and US federal censuses have a column for year of arrival for immigrants. This can help narrow down the search. Be careful as census records may contain errors. Naturalization Records : Naturalization records created September 27, and later will usually give the name of the ship, port and date of arrival. Naturalization records before that usually do not give this information although some might.

You may sometimes find errors in these records. Be sure to try alternate spellings of names when searching online databases or other indexes. Port by Port Search If you're having difficulty finding your ancestor's passenger list you might try a more specific search at each port. If you don't know the arrival port or don't know where to start, you can find some ideas at: Tips for Determining Your Ancestor's Probable Port of Arrival Finding Passenger Lists and Immigration Records s is a basic research guide for finding passenger records, listed by the major ports and some of the smaller ports Ship Passenger Lists and Records on the Internet lists some Internet sources for transcribed passenger records and indexes New York Indexes and the Ellis Island Database The largest port where immgrants arrived in the U.

Most people with European immigrant ancestors will probably want to search New York arrivals first, unless they know their immigrant ancestor arrived elsewhere.

Nebraska State Genealogical Society - Library Holdings

Castle Garden? Which One? And When? If your immigrant ancestor settled in St. Louis, Missouri or along the Mississippi river especially prior to the Civil War , he or she may have landed at New Orleans and taken a riverboat up the Mississippi. US Ports of Arrival and their Available Passenger Lists is a list of many United States ports with information about the available passenger records and indexes. Includes information about Canadian and Mexican border crossing records. Some ship passenger indexes have been created for various ethnic groups and these may be helpful as alternate resources if you can't find your immigrant ancestor in other indexes.

Ship Passenger Manifests Armenian, Bohemian, Czech, Greek, Luxembourgish and Swedish Ship Passenger List Resources Disclaimer: you might not find the person you're looking for in any of the indexes or records listed here; these are merely suggestions. Labels: Immigration Records , Passenger Lists.

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Labels: Military Records. The Archives of Michigan and the Michigan Historical Center have made nearly a million death records from available on their "Seeking Michigan" website. You can download copies of the currently available death certificates for free at: Michigan Death Records For more online Michigan death records and indexes see: Online Michigan Death Records Indexes and Obituaries For information about more online death certificates see: Online Death Certificates This article was updated on 27 July She already had the name of her immigrant ancestor's hometown and didn't know where to look for further research.

So here are some suggestions that may be helpful Doing a "Place Search" in their online catalog for the name of the town can tell you whether they have digitized microfilmed records for that town.

You may also want to search for the broader region or for nearby towns. Be aware that other German towns across Germany may have the same or similar names as the town you're looking for. To help find the correct location you might try checking German maps or German gazetteers. Church records are often used for doing genealogy research in Germany so it is helpful to know your ancestor's religious affiliation. If your ancestral family's place of residence doesn't have a church they may have gone to one in a nearby town. German Genealogy Records in Germany if not available from FamilySearch If FamilySearch doesn't have the records you need, then you can try writing letters or emails to local parishes, civil or religious archives, or civil registration offices in Germany.

Some German archives have websites.

Many of these are listed in the book, or you might try a Google search for the name of the archive you need. There will usually be fees for any research requests you have even if records are not found. In some cases, you may want to hire a local researcher in Germany, especially if you need extensive research done.

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Is Anything Online? You might also try Google searches for the German town or parish. June 11, , Wheeling area, married to Mary Randolph?? DOB April 2, , Pennsylvania.


Their children were born in Pennsylvania, starting about Funeral services were Re: Thomas McDowell b. Thanks so much, Linda for taking the time to do that. My source for the marriage is somewhat vague, but the marriage in Arizona is documented - so I suspect they did just get married then.

I would like to confirm a marriage I believe took place in Franklin County in The odd thing is they seem to have married aga Funeral Held for Mrs. Funeral rite for Mrs. I am looking to get a copy of an obituary for Dudley Walter Curtis who died in Columbus on March 20th, I have a copy of his death registration but don't know where to go to get an obit sent to m John Eversole Sr.

Funeral services for John Eversole Sr. Visitation will be h Children: Catherine, John In Re: "Tombstone Inscriptions of Jefferson Co. Sharon, It was very kind of you to offer to do lookups. I was wondering it there were any listings for Eversole ca The only name I have is Balser Eversole. Balser's son, Abraham Eversole moved first to M John L. Ohio, the son of John Mossoney and wife Jesse. On Sept. He was preceded in death by two brothers, Richard Mossoney and Clifford Mossoney; and one sister Gwartney of Salmon, Idaho, and Mrs.

Edward Eversole of Ukiah, California are the remaining children of this union. He was married to Alice Campbell, J. Madison, Lee Co. She is also preceded in death by her husband George Miles She was a 19 year old student and factory worker. Trying to complete family history.

Looking for any info on Arminta Eversole would be around 78 years old and her mother Ida Zoe Eversole. The last info I can find is that they lived on W. Wayne in Lima, Ohio in Are you still looking for some Eversole info???

Please contact me directly, I believe I may have a few things and I do have a contact in Lima that I am sure knows the family. Searching for info on Arminta Eversole born would be about 78 years old or Ida Zoe Eversole born Would appreciate any help. Creech and William campbell were appointed to "lay off to Elizabeth Branson, widow I'll have to look and see if they may have been in Clay County.

Thank you for checking for me. Searching the parentage of Abraham Eversole d. Bedford Co.


Is Abraham Eversole's wife's name Katherine Martin? There is a marriage record for an Abraham Eversole to a Katherine Martin I found a Gilbert Brock's death in Leslie. There was no one else by that name even close in age, so I believe it is the same one. If that's right then where is he hiding?

Texas Biographies

Even if he and Mary d I think you may have something. I just had someone mention yesterday that Mary and Gilbert had a daughter Mollie. I've been doing some research trying to find any other connection and I checked the Could someone please check the Leslie for Gilbert and Mary Brock.