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  1. Does a Sole Proprietor Need an Employment Identification Number?
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  3. Tax ID, Employer ID, or Individual Tax ID Number Explained
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Nor file employment tax returns. This includes forming a corporation, partnership, or a limited liability company LLC with more than one owner. This is so whether or not your business hires any employees. If you start such a business, be sure to obtain a business tax ID number soon after you complete the formation process. Most self-employed people are sole proprietors.

Does a Sole Proprietor Need an Employment Identification Number?

But there are some important exceptions to this rule. This is so even though it is not required by the IRS. Doing so avoids having to use your Social Security number to identify your business. Obtaining an EIN is easy and absolutely free. You fill out an interview-style online application.

Print out a copy of the confirmation notice for your records and begin using your new EIN immediately. You must wait until this occurs before you can:. This takes longer than applying online. Here are some questions in the online application that may give you trouble:.

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Click the box that best describes the principal activity of your business. If you expect to hire employees over the next 12 months, you need to list the number you expect to hire. Using your Social Security number for business matters can increase your risk of identity theft, particularly if you need to provide it to outside contractors, while using an EIN avoids exposing your personal information.

Employer Identification Number - Wikipedia

Applying for an EIN is free and only takes a few minutes. You will need the following information:. The fastest way to get an EIN is to apply online. If you apply by fax, your EIN will be faxed to you within four business days. Mail applicants can expect to receive an EIN in about four weeks. If your business is located outside the United States, you must apply by phone or mail. LegalZoom can obtain an EIN for you. Or, for a discounted rate, LegalZoom will obtain your EIN for you when you form a business Express Gold package; otherwise, standard rates apply. An offer of membership in our legal plan is not an endorsement or advertisement for any individual attorney.

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Tax ID, Employer ID, or Individual Tax ID Number Explained

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Sales Tax Overview for Contractors

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At the same time, you can check for safety violations, other information, lawsuits against their surety bond and more. Be an informed consumer and hire smart! Use these tools to be sure you're working with a registered contractor who has a valid bond and insurance. You can also verify that the tradesperson performing electrical, plumbing, elevator installation, or manufactured home installations is certified licensed in Washington.

We have also created the Hire Smart Step-by-Step , a homeowner's guide to hiring a contractor that will help you find a contractor who is qualified to handle your project, and avoid many of the most common problems. But, if you do have problems, find out what you can do.

How Do You Get a Business Tax ID Number?

Use these tools to learn about hiring subcontractors or "Independent Contractors" and avoid prime contractor liability. If you are a contractor hiring a subcontractor, be sure to complete a tracking request for those with active coverage. In some cases, an "independent contractor" is actually a worker for whom you must do such things as pay workers' comp premiums, meet wage and hour requirements, pay unemployment tax, etc.

Not understanding your requirements can leave your business vulnerable to unwanted penalties and event lawsuits. Use the Verify tool to view your continuing education and basic trainee classroom credits and check the status of a contractor. Pacific Time state holidays excluded. Neither the State of Washington nor any agency, officer, or employee of the State of Washington warrants the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of any information in the Public Access System and shall not be liable for any losses caused by such reliance on the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of such information.

While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information, portions may be incorrect or not current. Any person or entity who relies on information obtained from the System does so at his or her own risk. Homeowners Be an informed consumer and hire smart!

Verify if the contractor has an active license.