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Ginza Nikon Salon (Nikon Plaza) - Past Events
  1. "Lawyer of the Year" Awards for Japan
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  3. Holzforschung
  4. Volume 43 (1997)

"Lawyer of the Year" Awards for Japan

The individuals involved in protecting and passing on these traditions and culture are committed to their work, and deserving of our respect. Culture Traditional "kogei", art and culture that symbolizes the region or is ingrained in the local lifestyle. There is a historical and cultural background that helps raise recognition for the region. Or less than expected?

IEEE Xplore Full-Text PDF:

Effects of workpiece thickness and its position from the ground on self-excited vibration and washboarding during sawing. Relationships between several roughness parameters and tactile roughness. Ethylene glycol-swollen wood.

A classification of laminae based on the moduli of elasticity of logs and their positions within logs. Relationship between fusibility and the chemical structure of lignin. Incorporation of the aglycons of 4-O-b-D-glucosides of caffeyl alcohol and 5-hydroxy coniferyl alcohol into shoots of Magnolia kobus.

The effects of chemical constituents of the cell wall on the thermal-softening properties of wood. The effects of clearance angle and depth of cut on the machinability in end surface cutting. Effects of additives on hydration characteristics of bamboo-cement mixtures.

Bonding forces and void distributions among elements of wave-element boards. Varieties for papermaking on Arid Hillside Land in China. Development of accelerated outdoor-exposure test method and evaluation of soiling of external materials.

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Accumulation of catechin related substances and browning phenomenon in ginkgo callus. Effects of wood factors on the crack size. Younis H.



Lipids and carbohydrates in propagules of ten mangrove species of China. Applications to the disinfections of hospital environments. The case where the cause of rupture is tensile failure. However, I have not regretted this. My heart is full of gratitude not only to you who have taken care of me until now but also to the senior officers and my friends from whom I as an individual have received so much.

Please enjoy good health until the day when in the end the Greater East Asia War is won. Even though my body disappears, my spirit only will remain.

Volume 43 (1997)

Please let me have the honor of seeing your cheerful faces from the skies of Yasukuni [ 2 ]. The end is near. I want to write various things, but I do not know which ones are best to write. Tomorrow at last I will fly to Okinawa and carry out a taiatari body-crashing attack. I will die for an eternal cause believing I follow after my younger brothers and convinced of certain victory. If a white wooden box arrives [ 3 ], please praise me without crying.

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