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Beware of phone carrier lookup services that only tell you the default carrier based on area code and exchange. Today phone numbers are moved from landlines to cell phones and from carrier to carrier on a regular basis. As a result if the data you are receiving is not real-time information you are out of date. Phone Carrier Lookup provides you with real-time data you can count on. The validation tab can be reached from the menu on the left or the icon on the top of the page. Carrier Lookup is located in the Select Validation Method dropdown menu.

You can select choose file and browser for your file or simply drag and drop.

How to Do a Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Files are processed as received. Depending on volume your file should be returned anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes. If you do not receive your file after 30 minutes please check your spam folder and whitelist Alert RealValidation. Find out if the number is connected or disconnected before you call. Sometimes you just need to know if it is a landline or mobile number. Know if a number is on the Do Not Call List before you make the call. Make up to 5 Phone Carrier Lookup requests.

Benefits of Using Phone Carrier Lookup.

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Provides Carrier Name Providing the carrier shows that you are familiar with the recipient. Enhances SMS Routing Providing the phone carrier lookup information also helps text messaging servers. Identifies Phone Type Knowing if the number is a landline, cell, or VoIP allows you to reach the recipient through the right channel. Reduces Spam and Fraud Not all carriers are created equally. How Accurate is Phone Carrier Lookup?

Login to the My. Navigate to the Validation tab The validation tab can be reached from the menu on the left or the icon on the top of the page. Comparison Of Cell Phones.

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Running through your monthly phone bills and phone records, you consistently find a few numbers which you do not recognize and you are adamant to find out who the owner is. You now need to do a reverse phone number lookup, meaning that you use a phone number to trace the owner of the number. Armed with the phone number, you start to trace by doing online searches, visiting white pages directories, free online phone directories, running searches on Google, Yahoo and MSN, all but to no avail.

The above zero returns result should fairly accurately indicate that the phone number that you are looking for is a cell phone number.

This is because white pages and free online phone directories contains databases of land lines which are public domains made available to all who care to search. You would have seen many youtube videos or literature about how to do a free cell phone number search successfully, but this is only and literally half the story. Most of them will show you how to run searches on land lines. And in the rare cases that you are able to find the cell phone number online, most often than not, they are advertised numbers, or the search engines picked them up from social networking sites.

Other videos tactfully guide you on how to use their commercial proprietary systems only up to the point whereby you get very limited details regarding the owner of the phone number such as the city and state in which he or she lives in with a prompt to click through for more details.


Special service numbers for mobile phones

At this stage of the search process you will be prompted to pay a small fee for full report. However, there are a fair number of reverse cell phone lookups which are authentic, reliable and efficient with extensive accurate databases, albeit not free. You can do your searches online as a subscriber for a small fee with unlimited access, confidentiality assured. The vast information available are not limited to owner name, address, phone location, household members, carrier, service status. Some databases allow deep digging into people search to view full background checks and criminal records as well.

That said, you need to note that the extensiveness of databases offered by each company do differ to some degree. Should you really need to access such records, paying a small fee is worth all the hours of fruitless online searches, not to mention the stress and frustration.

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Related Articles Author Most Popular. About Author. This list is owned by EditorialToday Cell Phones has 2 sub sections. It is really astonishing how many people are willing to run a free reverse cell phone lookup online today. If you visit any popular discussion forum, you will find out the same question being asked again and again — Is it possible to run Canadian reverse cell phone number lookup for free? It is somehow disappointing that many websites offering this particular service actually require fee for accessing their databases.

This is common way applied by many websites. Performing a search on a Canadian cell phone number is connected with difficulties. It is because the free websites don't have access to the cell numbers, since mobile phone companies keep strict policies to protect privacy of their customers.

Cell Phone Carrier Lookup - Identify Mobile Network from Number

So, organizing complete database is connected with huge amount of money and time, that's why such websites don't have access on cell phone numbers. Fax and unlisted numbers can also be difficult to locate. Bad news you should know is that there are no free lookup directories offering cell phone number searches - even in Canada. However it doesn't mean that you can't perform your search at all; paid lookups are the way out in this case.

What is the Spy Dialer Phone Number Lookup?

Moreover they are very affordable. After paying a miserable payment you get access to the detailed information on any cell phone number. Usually, on such websites once you have access, you can perform as many searches as you wish.